Results - CAIE Ecuador 2015
Some of the numbers that show our success:

- 1296 participants
- 241 institutions
- 32 countries
Succesful Ending
for CAIE Ecuador 2015
The CAIE-Ecuador 2015 had an exceptional academic program with about 80 representatives of 76 institutions, international and governement organisms, university associations and institutions of higher education and the private sector.
What is CAIE
CAIE is a unique and essential forum that aims to provide an Inter-American common space to share paradigms, models, trends and best practices on internationalization issues, that contribute to the quality and innovation of higher education in its national, regional and international dimensions.


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Frontpage – EN


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the online platform Conference of the Americas for International Education (CAIE).

The CAIE allows favoring a set of exchanges, by coordinating organizations and institutions of higher education in all regions of the Americas to create a space dedicated to the development and mutual benefit, mainly devoted to the topics related to the international education and internationalization.

The aim of this interactive platform is to be a collaboration and communication tool to achieve the objectives in the design of this common space. In this sense, following up on the recommendations of CAEI-Ecuador-2015, we work continuously to develop a range of opportunities, among which are the various forms of Networking and our series of webinars, which have already become a reference, while they are stimulating inter-American participation.

We appreciate your interest and participation in this international common space for higher education in the Americas and share its success reached throughout the four previous editions of the Conference: Canada-2010, Brasil-2012, Mexico-2013 and Ecuador-2015. We look forward to seeing you in Montreal next year!

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