What is CAIE-Networking?

The CAIE-Networking enables to exchange information, to collaborate among colleagues and to generate a dynamic of inter-institutional collaboration in the Americas.

The CAIE proposes for 2015 a Virtual Platform based on the latest Web 3.0 technology particularly the Semantic Web to support the efforts of active members. The Platform becomes an essential tool that foster collaboration among its participants in the following aspects:

  • Centralizing the updated information, resources and opportunities available on international education;
  • Increasing the instantaneity of the exchange of information using the technologies available to the academic community;
  • Sharing the best practices, experiences, training and research opportunities for the internationalization of education and innovation.
CAIE Networking

CAIE Networking

How to be part of CAEI-Networking?

Publish news about Scholarships, Ph.D and Research Programs, Academic Exchanges and Institutional Initiatives of your Institution directly on the Information Board, using the most popular Social Media tools: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or writing it directly in the online form. If you would like to receive notifications about offered initiatives of your colleagues, it should be required to fill out a registration in our News Feed, indicating the frequency of delivery.

What are the main advantages that Networking members obtain?

The CAIE-Networking brings uncountable benefits that you will discovery through virtual networking; we could underline some of them:

–          Direct access to other CAIE-members;

–          Direct contact among CAIE-members;

–          Automatic update of latest news;

–          Easy to follow the main academic exchange activities;

–          Statistics of participation;

–          Recognition and certification of achievements;

–          Visibility of all institutional collaborations.

The space CAEI-INFORMA is our Information Board (linked to the CAIE Web Site), where the news are displayed. To publish your institutional initiatives use the most popular social medias tools: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or the online form to publish your message directly.  CAIE-Networking uses newest Semantic Web technology and an RSS feed. CAIE-members follow latest notifications to share in a social weave of connections and inter-institutional activities.

The space CAEI-COLABORA is our Virtual Cafe-Repository, here you can meet your colleagues to discuss, share ideas and receive comments about their institutional initiatives. In the virtual repository, you can deliver documents to establish inter-institutional agreements, offer advice to your colleagues and share the best practices of internationalization, training, innovation or research. You can also inform the implementation of your projects, and show your achievements to others members. You can also have the opportunity to win the prize CAEI-COLABORA that shall be awarded in the next CAEI Ecuador 2015.

Who can participate in CAEI-Networking?

Those individuals and institutions interested in sharing knowledge, experiences, projects, services or academic offers related with Higher Education and previously enrolled in CAIE. It is mandatory for members to be part directors, academics or representatives of Higher Education Institutions, governmental entity, university associations and national, regional or international organizations.

CAEI participants will share theirs initiatives by means of the Semantic Web and RRS filters, to obtain latest information, filtered in our Web Site or in Moodle Platform. In the space CAEI-INFORMA members share public information of free access. In CAEI-COLABORA, the CAIE members exchange information and documents in a security private space that requires identity user-authentication that has been obtained during CAIE registration.

More information is available in: caei-networking@oui-iohe.org