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The mission was established in the General Provision 90 of the LOES, which says “the Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales – IAEN – is a Graduate school of the state, whose mission is that of training and strategic thinking with a prospective vision on the State and Public Administration; developing and implementing knowledge, methods, and techniques related to the planning, coordination, management and implementation of policies and public management”.


“Be the leading university in the region in terms of training in Graduate Studies and continuing education in the areas of the State, the Government and Public Administration, as well as in the development, research, and diffusion of strategic and forward thinking for the state, such that it is able to meet the needs of public services over the course of five years”.

Strategic Goals

Institutional strategic objectives have been defined, from the above mission, as a State University of Graduate Studies with a participatory role in the transformation of the Ecuadorian state, the forward-thinking of the Public Administration, the training of public servants and its connection to society. These are the objectives which respond to the achievements that were attained for a substantial institutional change taking into account priorities and resolutions, which resulted due to the following objectives:

  1. Increase the training of public servants in view of the transformation of the State and Public Administration according to high quality standards;
  2. Increase the strategic foresight and critical thinking research on State Reform and Public Administration;
  3. Increase the public national and international discussion in order to contribute to public policy development and State Reform in an international, geopolitical context;
  4. Increase the quality of academic services, as well as academic and institutional administrative structure.

The purpose of these objectives is to strengthen, improve and create all the necessary and crucial elements which will help the growth of the institution as well as public servants, encouraging, in this way, the development of the public sector of the State.